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The Baptized In Christ Community started as a small online retailer in September 2022 to provide financial support to a disabled mother with four children. 

Micah and Elizabeth knew each other as teenagers while growing up in North Louisiana. They reconnected after many years when Elizabeth struggled to support her household due to a progressive congenital bone disorder. Elizabeth needed a job she could work from home, but her options were limited. 

Micah and Elizabeth displayed complementary skills and interests. Micah worked in the tech industry and the nonprofit sector in Austin, TX. At the same time, Elizabeth had experience selling goods online and teaching bible studies. Luckily, both shared an eagerness to master digital marketing. Micah and Elizabeth joined forces to bring weekly devotionals and quality Christian goods to the online space. After many months of research and online classes in digital marketing and e-commerce, the Baptized In Christ Community was born.

Micah and Elizabeth also align in driving positive change to benefit others. That’s why the Baptized In Christ Community has a greater mission to alleviate poverty. We will donate a percentage of store profits to registered 501(c)(3) organizations that care for needy families. 

Mission: Provide high-quality and engaging content and products to our sisters and brothers in Christ while promoting others in our community. 

Vision: A thriving community that loves thy neighbor - all of them.

We are a values-driven organization that strives to benefit all lives we touch - customers, subscribers, employees, and our community. 

Welcome to the neighborhood!